A little Tokyopop follow-up

Although the news coming on a Friday afternoon news dump did dampen response a bit, there has been a ton of reaction to Toykopop shutting down its US publishing activities.

On the America’s Greatest Otaku website, Tpop publisher Stuart Levy recently wrote about his plans to move to Japan and make a documentary, surely not the thoughts of a man looking to revitalize his publishing plan.

End of an era: Tokyopop shutting down US publishing division

The comics publishing culling of 2011 claimed its most prominent victim as it was announced today that Tokyopop is shutting down its US operations, as of May 31. The German office will stay open to handle publishing rights and the film division will continue.

Founded in 1997, Tokyopop and its founder Stu Levy were at the forefront of the manga revolution in the US, introducing such hits as SAILOR MOON, CHOBITS, and LOVE HINA to the US market in the “unflipped” format for the first time.

Sales surged as the manga bookstore revolution took over in the early part of the last decade. An ambitious program of publishing original manga by creators from around the world — many of them barely out of the teenaged readership years themselves — proved controversial and ultimately saw only a handful of successful franchises but introduced a new generation of creators to the comics scene.

Ennis and Robertson to reveal the Butcher's origin

Not to be confused with BUTCHER BAKER, RIGHTEOUS MAKER, Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston’s scabrous look at superheroes, this july we’ll see BUTCHER, BAKER, CANDLESTICKMAKER #1 by Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson, a miniseries which will reveal the origin of The Butcher, “The most violent man in comics.” PR and a three-page preview below.

THE BOYS has been Dynamite’s most consistent selling comic for several years now; a movie is still in development with Adam McKaye last reported writing a script.

Cowboys and Aliens has a new trailer

After looking at this footage from “Rio Cloverfield” it’s clear that it isn’t really a Western; it’s just a contemporary action film starring people who dress like cowboys. But it does look somewhat entertaining. Also, it’s nice that they got a girl to play Megan Fox who isn’t Megan Fox.