2011 Eisner Award nominations announced

The 2011 Eisner Award nominations have just been announced, and every year is colored a bit by the make-up of the judging panel, but this year’s nominations seem to have gone out of their way to recognize some new faces and names — the leading vote getters were The Return of the Dapper Men with five and Morning Glories and Locke & Key with four each. It’s a vastly eclectic list, and recognizes the incredible diversity of today’s comics industry.

The Beat's MoCCA $10 Dining Guide – 2011 Edition

Coming to this year’s MoCCA-fest and wondering where to grab a quick lunch to eat in between selling your mini-comics? Look no further!

Although considered drab by New York standards, the Rose Hill/Gramercy/Flatiron area surrounding the the Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory, setting for MoCCA Fest, still offers a colorful array of authentic, delicious and affordable cuisine from around the world within a radius of only a couple of blocks. (It IS New York City, after all.) Bearing in mind the small budgets of most MoCCA attendees/indie cartoonists, we’re going to highlight places where, for $10 or under, you can still get a decent meal — some of them even prepared by Iron Chef level celebrities. At a few places, if $10 isn’t enough for a meal it is still enough for some rare treat that will make your trip one to remember.

For dinner you will want to grab some friends and a subway or cab and head to one of the great restaurants of the city, but your lunchtime is definitely covered right here.

Marvel's mystery magazines

Ted McKeever drawing Wolverine, Tomm Coker on Master of Kung Fu, Dr. Strange by Kieron Gillen and Frazier Irving? All in glorious black and white. Sign us up!

While this sounds like some cool, beatnik Marvel anthology comic, Don McPherson explains it is really a little-noted or promoted Marvel project: two black and white comics magazines that were released last year to no fanfare, Marvel Super Special and Marvel Super Action. McPherson guesses that this is some kind of Disney-inspired inventory cleaning:

Rob Granito launches pay-for-chat plan; plan fails

As we predicted last week, the Rob Granito team is attempting to get their second act rolling with a round of tell-all interviews. You may recall (it was all so long ago and little noted) that Granito is a person of dubious artistic skill who has been going around to comics shows for 15 years selling copied art that he’s passed off as his own. Now, Comics Cube reports a letter is making the rounds:

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED, first hand account of Egyptian revolution, debuts

Dov Torbin and Asher Berman

are two Americans who happened to be in Egypt when the recent revolution broke out.

The Revolution Will Be Televised is Torbin’s comics account of two American travelers who, through clouds of tear gas, watch a country evolve and find themselves altered by the experience. It’s launching today on ACT-I-VATE.