Industry Movers School Ya

Art schools and apprenticeships find themselves more popular than ever, let’s all tip our hats to inspiration artist Rudolph Töpffer’s for his creation of boarding school for boys. While anyone can teach themselves and become successful on their own, a lot of the specialty schools allow access to equipment, connections, mentorship of working professionals and opportunities in a condensed amount of time that are priceless.

IDW to publish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Darwyn Cooke Martini Edition and….Marvel's Thor

IDW announced a trio of impressive projects at WonderCon yesterday — but none more surprising than than the news that they’ll be collecting Walt Simonson’s famed run on THOR — published by Marvel Comics, as you may recall — in a deluxe WALTER SIMONSON’S THOR: ARTIST’S EDITION — the book will be black and white but the original artwork will be scanned in color for a unique presentation. It’s the first in a SERIES of Marvel reprints by IDW.

Archaia announces The Storyteller, Immortals, new publisher

Archaia is having a busy WonderCon, with a bunch of announcements. Yesterday’s big story was a GN based on IMMORTALS, an upcoming mythology inspired movie, and today’s is an anthology based on The Storyteller, another Jim Henson project from the past — this one is a little obscure but fondly remembered by many — basically an old dude would sit there with a dog and tell…stories. Seems ripe for an anthology.

WonderCon 11: Green Lantern panel and footage storm WonderCon

It was the biggest panel of the day at WonderCon, and the most crucial hour yet for the future of the revamped DC Entertainment brand. With appearances by stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and the first view of effects-heavy footage, the Green Lantern panel was the chance to show that this is indeed the tentpole movie that is going to usher in a new era for DC’s superhero universe..

Interest was certainly high, as a line to get in to the 5 pm panel stretched almost around the Moscone center.

The panel was led by Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns himself. The only previous GL trailer was heavy on the romance aspect, due to the CGI footage not being ready — and leading to some questions ever whether this movie was going to please the loyal Green Lantern fanboys. However, this new footage seems to lay those doubts to rest with a spectacular look at Oa, the GL Corps, Sinestro, Tomar Re, and the rest of the Lanternverse. You can read about the panel here, or watch the footage below.