Kodansha to bring back Sailor Moon

It’s the title that broke manga in the US — no comic has had a bigger influence than SAILOR MOON, the manga/anime that kicked off the shojo manga boom, made it safe for girls to read comics, and introduced the idea of cosplay to America in a big way. Created by Naoko Takeuchi, and published […]

First Look: Adrianne Palicki dons Wonder Woman costume

The pilot for the Wonder Woman revamp just started shooting, and EW has revealed the first still of star Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night LIghts) in the new Wonder Woman costume. The new look seems to be modeled in equal parts on Jim Lee’s revamped design and MAC’s recent Wonder Woman make-up line packaging. Critics are […]

C2E2 ready to kick things off

Day 0 at the second edition of C2E2 found retailers confabbing, and early arrivals checking out the new location for the show. Following last year’s inaugural show in the Lakeside hall set on the banks of Lake Michigan, the convention has moved to a more modern hall that’s laid out on a more human scale. […]