Comic Book Club is back

Sorry this is so late but Comic Book Club, the weekly talk show hosted by Alex Zalben, Justin Tyler, and Pete LePage is back at a NEW venue that is super nice. Best of all, the shows are now FREE. Tonight’s lineup of guests includes Marvel editors Jordan White, Daniel Ketchum, Sebastian Girner, and Jody LeHeup.

RIP: Dwayne McDuffie

CBR is reporting the tragic news that creator Dwayne McDuffie has died of unknown causes. In addition to co-creating the Milestone Universe and its signature character, Static, McDuffie had a long career as writer, editor and producer, story editing the popular Justice League of America cartoon and most recently writing the All-Star Superman movie. As CBR reports, he was in full stride as a creator:

Now we've seen everthing:


Borders: Portrait of a liquidation

With 200 Borders stores going into immediate liquidation following the chain’s bankruptcy, I took a Presidents’ Day stroll to our local to survey the sadness first hand. goes Android has just released their app for Android phones, opening their comics to an audience of 22 million, according to the PR which you can read below.

Langridge joins Kaboom!

Continuing its rollout of their revamped Kaboom! kids comics line, BOOM! is teasing a new series by Roger Langridge called SNARKED as part of the line.

Peanuts AND Roger Langridge? This is looking better and better.

Barefoot Gen examined

Before MAUS proved that US comics could take on the most serious subjects with intelligence and dignity, the Japanese were there first. BAREFOOT GEN took on another World War II horror — the bombing of Hiroshima — with 10 harrowing volumes, based on the real life experiences of Keiji Nakazawa. The series — published in 6 volumes in the US by Last Gasp — is the subject of this month’s Manga Movable Feast, hosted at A Life in Panels, but also summarized by Ed Sizemore who reviews the series at Manga Worth Reading:

Quick links — 2/22/11

Digital comics, convention centers, women and comics…the usual.

Johnny Depp strangely attracted to the Sub-Mariner

As excuse to find pictures of Namor (by Marko Djurdjevic) and Johnny Depp? Why not.