Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: November 2010

Marvel had quite a lot of new material on the market in November. Aside from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN shifting to a fortnightly format with its new “Big Time” direction, we’ve also got two new ongoing titles, GENERATION HOPE and SPIDER-GIRL. Further down the chart, there’s also a veritable horde of new miniseries, including ASTONISHING THOR, OSBORN, SHE-HULKS and a whole bunch of CHAOS WAR tie-ins.

As usual, Marvel had the largest share of the direct market. It’s a relatively close month, though, with a lead over DC of 40% to 37% in unit share and 34% to 33% in dollars. A major factor there will be a number of high-profile Batman comics in the top 10.

Dark Horse Presents returns in 2011

The influential and historic DARK HORSE PRESENTS anthology — last seen as an online anthology available on MySpace and later adapted to print — will be back in April 2011, according to a press release and these two covers. Frank Miller’s XERXES is the prequel to 300 which he’s been talking about for a while. […]

News rewind: Kibbles 'n' Bits — 12/28/10

Stuff we’ve been bookmarking: § You know you’ve arrived when internet blowhards start yapping about you. In this case, a right-wing blogger protests the new Franco-Algerian-Muslim Batman of France. This follows similar protests over the casting of dark-skinned Idris Elba as Heimdall in the Thor movie, with white supremacists calling for a boycott, if by […]

The vacation continues

Rather expectedly, my flight this morning to snowbound NYC was canceled. Unexpectedly, I can’t get another flight home until Friday. Oops. I had a bunch of things I was working on for this week, but I foolishly neglected to upload them to the server and they’re all sitting on my home computer. Oh well. As […]