Henry and Glenn…the Anti-Christmas Cartoon

Do we have a new holiday classic on our hands? Just about. Tom Neely and some friends have made this 6-minute cartoon based on his Henry and Glenn characters — any resemblance to rockers living or dead strictly coincidental, even when characters named John and Daryl show up. This will seriously make your spirits bright and metal at the same time.

Conan visits the home of DC Comics and Bruce Timm

If you wanted any more proof that the home of DC Comics is now beautiful downtown Burbank, look no further than this blurb that popped up on my Facebook page:

Stumptown goes curated

It was only yesterday that we wrote, “the curated show is here to stay,” and sure enough, word has come that the Stumptown Comics Fest is also going curated. . Show director Indigo Kelleigh writes that due to the demand for tables, they already have a waiting list 100 exhibitors long despite moving to a larger venue.

People on the move: Alex Segura Jr.

A good publicist makes a lot of friends, but it’s safe to say that few comics publicists have as many friends as Alex Segura Jr. Last week Segura announced he was leaving DC Comics after four years as Publicity Manager, during which time he oversaw getting the word out about some crises, final and otherwise, and even some blackest nights. On Monday he announced his new position as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing at Archie Comics, another comics institution which is going through many transitions following the deaths of its long time executive team, and new leadership under co-CEO Jon Goldwater. It seemed like a good time to ask Segura to look back and forward — when we first met him, we were just starting a daily comics news site and he was a comics-loving copy editor for the Miami Herald. So much has changed with comics, marketing and Archie in that time, and Segura has been at ground zero for much of it, so who better to give us some insights on where things are going: