A month of Previews: Grandville Mon Amour

Back to the previews, we’re proud to present a peek at Bryan Talbot’s Grandville Mon Amour, a steampunk talking animal mystery mash-up, or as Talbot puts it:

Grandville Mon Amour pits Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard against an old adversary and ruthless urban guerrilla, Edward “Mad Dog” Mastock. It’s a fast-paced, Hitchcockian steampunk thriller.

If you’ve been following Talbot’s career at all you know he’s one of the most eclectic storytellers in the medium, producing a string of amazing graphic novels that show a range of emotion and imagination few can match — from Grandville to The Tale of One Bad Rat to Alice In Sunderland and the previous Grandville.

This is no exception.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: September 2010

[Editors note: These charts are running a bit behind due to the workload of the columnists but we are trying to get back on schedule.] by Paul O’Brien Marvel’s biggest release for September was the relaunch of the Wolverine titles, in an attempt to undo the damage caused when the last relaunch backfired. The “Shadowland” […]

Spidey teams with Bloomberg for jobs

In the proud tradition of Superman fighting landmines and other great didactic comics of the past, Marvel and the Mayor’s Office of NYC have teamed for a comic book teaching New Yorkers about resources available for their job hunts. “Spider-Man, You’re Hired” “features an unemployed Peter Parker starting his job search, is the Administration’s latest effort to connect out-of-work to New Yorkers to job training and placement services.”

Brit nerds like Clowes in Paul

Paul is a comedy due next year that follows two English comics nerds — played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost — on a cross country trip that includes Comic-Con. But along the way they meet up with a cute little alien named Paul, portrayed by CGI and voiced by Seth Rogen. Hijinks ensue. It’s directed by Greg Mottola who made Superbad and Adventureland, so color this promising.