ComiXology offers Guided View Authoring tools

Been trying to figure out how to get your small, self-published comic on the iPad? An even more diverse and open world of downloadable comics took a step closer to reality as comiXology has announced they will be making their Guided View™ Authoring Program software available to individual publishers. Already in closed alpha tests with […]

More Big Two news: DCUO, Lantern war, Doomsday, What If, etc etc

Various stuff from blogs and PR and whatnot.

Official: Ultimate Spider-Man is going to die in February

…or at least have a storyline named after him. Teasers of Spidey’s death have been revealed to be the ULTIMATE Spider-Man, not 616 Spidey. Brian Bendis and Mark Millar will do the deed, aided and abetted by Sara Pichelli, David Lafuente, and Leinil Yu.

Nice Art: James Jean's Devendra Banhart

Just as a reminder, James Jean has an art blog. Above, a painting of musician Devendra Banhart.

Nice Art: King Con 2 sketchbook

This sketchbook by Deep6 and Hypothetical Island studio members was presented as a raffle prize to a lucky attendee. We lost the original link to this but the above by Tim Hamilton should make up for our perfidy.

Check out

Diamond has a newish website called with information and even a separate Kids Comics Previews order form .pdf for those retailers who want to jump into this fast-growing market segment.

Watchmen Issue #1, page 1 on sale

Heritage Auctions is selling the original art of Page #1, Issue #1 of WATCHMEN. You know, the “Call me Ishmael” of comics. “Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.”

The page is being sold by English designer, musician, DJ and TV host Stephen “Krusher” Joule, known for his work on albums by Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Robert Plant and Motorhead, and a long stint as Art Director at Kerrang! Magazine. He purchased it from a comics shop for about $180 — it is expected to sell for more than $15,000.

A month of Image teasers: "What're you talking about?! We're the terrorists…"

ALL the way.

Walking Dead Recap: A Crossbow to the Brain

Note:  I was like a zombie with a half-attached jaw after starting my Monday with a largely unsuccessful dentist’s appointment. That’s my excuse for getting this to you late and short.  My apologies. Next week will be different.

This week’s episode started off with panoramic views of Merle Dixon still handcuffed and trapped on the Atlanta department store roof.