A month of Image teasers: "I've never made any secret…"

Give yourself a present: Email amnesty

It’s my birthday, and I’m giving myself a present. No, not a Longstreth style beard. Email escape amnesty. After looking at the thousands of piled up emails, Facebook requests and so on, I’m going to start fresh. Yes yes, there are some urgent emails regarding advertising, internships, and previews that I am tagging for future […]

Wimpy Kid whips W sales

Last week’s books releases saw two blockbusters going head to head: George W. Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, and Wimpy Kid #5: The Ugly Truth. In the end, it was no contest: Wimpy Kid outsold Dubya 2 to 1, the Washington Post reports. Jeff Kinney’s confused middle-schooler sold nearly 375,000 copies in one day. And yes, […]

Viz adds old and new manga licenses

Viz has just released info on some of its spring manga license, including at least one pick-up from the now defnuct CMX line, TENJO TENGE, the very controversial manga by Oh! Great, which will now be printed in a “100% faithful” edition with 16 pages of full-color art. Other licenses include the very popular NURA: […]

Spider-Man musical: Deadly but beautiful

The Spider-Man musical is becoming more of a legend by the day. If it wasn’t epic cost overruns and cast changes, it was a stage setup so ambitious and dangerous that people were breaking bones. Safety concerns have led the Dept. of Labor to inspect the set after a stunt player broke both wrists in […]

Beard Love: An interview with Alec Longstreth about comics and facial hair

While some creators may go in for the hairless look (as cultivated by Brian K. Vaughan and Grant Morrison) in the minds of many comic book fans beards and talent seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. While Alan Moore is clearly the standard of crazy beards implying good comics, other writers such […]

New Wood family member

Congrats to writer Brian Wood on the arrival of Ian McMurray Wood, born last Thursday, 9 lb., 4 oz.

Real lives of the cartoonists: Bennett/Guinan party pics

The annual Halloween party thrown at the home of Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan of Boilerplate fame, seems to have been a real humdinger.


Folks around the net are linking to the webcomic OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS by Mr. Tim.

This site depicts REAL things said to me (or at least near me) by customers in the comic book shop that I work in. These are real people. This is what they look like and this is something that they actually said.

Obviously, Mr. Tim is made of stern stuff.

It's funnier when Superman does it


Kibbles 'n' Bits — 11/15/10

Insights, the Digi-comp, What comics does Zadie Smith read, and convention adventures.

Early Green Lantern footage on EW

As everyone probably knows by now, the first public footage from the eagerly awaited Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively has surfaced as a teaser for a full reveal on Tuesday’s Entertainment Tonight. The reaction to this footage has been…mixed.