Death comes in many forms and publishers

Okay, here’s what we know now. Re, death of Spider-Man, Marvel released a cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #655 which seems to link up to that whole death-thing going on. PLus it’s by Marcos Martin so it’s already on the plus list. And over at DC, This image was released the other day, teasing a reign […]


In the early days of The Beat I used to start many days with a “meta” post about my doings and very important thoughts, but that kind of personal stuff jumped the shark long ago, it seems. No one really cares about me seeing a blue lobster anymore…or rather, that’s really what Twitter and Facebook are for. There’s a social network for every ephemeral thought, and I now spend hours each day sharing the ephemeral thoughts of thousands of my close personal friends.

In a way, it’s too bad. Those were some of my most favorite posts to write — like the time I went shopping for a mop. I guess you had to be there.