A month of Image teasers: "You know me, Dick…"


Marvel TV ramps up with hires, promotions, plans

With the rampaging (heh) success of The Walking Dead TV show, expect comics as episodic fodder to get a fresh look in Hollywood — and no one is more out in front of this trend than Disney/Marvel, where EVP, Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb has just hired three high-level helpers to get more Marvel […]

Essex County named to Essential Top 10 Canadian Novels of the Decade


The selection comes as part of Canada Reads, a yearly literacy campaign aimed at spotlighting the best in Canadian literature. Voting was open to the public, and comics types have supported a vote for ESSEX COUNTY as a vote for comics legitimacy, but it’s certainly a deserved honor. Lemire’s bleak, spare tales of rural Canadian life and coming of age are timeless and powerfully told.

To watch: ALA’s Graphic Novel webinar

When you have an hour to spare you could do worse than watch this webinar presented by Booklist and the American Library Association on the subject of “graphic novels and their increasing importance for the mix of reading material in public and school libraries, including contributions from folks from Lerner Publishing and SLG.” Via Forbidden Planet International

Comics on a Hot Tintin Roof

With images from the upcoming Tintin movies being released I thought it would be a good time to post some photos from my visit to the Hergé Museum earlier this year. The museum is located in in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, about half an hour from Brussels by train. Louvain-la-Neuve is a very new town, and can […]

October sales reveal the long tail

Comics writer and armchair statistician John Jackson Miller was very, very excited by Diamond’s decision to release year-to-year comparisons for their sales charts. While such maths make us go catatonic, in a blog post, he explains that this missing info has enabled a much more accurate view of comics’ long tail — and it’s a healthy tail. In an email, he writes:

Spidey says: "Change your smoke alarm batteries!"

The Fire Dept. of New York — and other fire safety organizations — promote the time changes in fall and spring as a reminder to change your smoke detector batteries — doing so saves lives and property. As someone who lost a lot of her childhood comics in a fire that was undetected by a fire alarm, I can testify that this is a really great cause and a good reminder.

Nice Art: How not to burn by Osamu Tezuka

More at Comics Alliance.

What up, Vertigo?

In all the massive changes taking place at DC of late, the fate of the Vertigo imprint has caused much speculation and fretting. The staff has been slashed, output has been slowed, and what the future focus will be has not been publicly revealed. This comes, ironically enough, at the very time that plans long hatched for Vertigo to become more of a graphic novel imprint are finally being published. Chris Mautner takes a look at several recent GN offerings, which include work by novelists Stephen King, Peter Straub, Denise Mina, and Mat Johnson, as well as more typical comics types like Matt Kindt, Sarah Glidden and Dean Haspiel. There are hits and misses but this is really a pretty lively line-up for any publisher, let alone one that is being completely rebranded.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 11/9/10

Many secrets and mysteries are revealed in today linkage from around the web, from the history of Jeffrey Dahmer to the cartoonist who could best fight the zombie apocalypse.