A month of Previews: Usagi Yojimbo #133

While in other places the indie periodical comic has languished, Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo do not question, they just do. After five publishers and 26 years, this story of a wandering rabbit samurai in Edo period Japan has become one of the longest-running and best loved independent comics of all time. With a loyal home at Dark Horse since 1996 and 24 collections published, the Usagi saga has become a continuing epic of heroism, betrayal and romance, with a large cast of characters who weave in and out of Usagi’s life. It’s comics world building at its purest, and all-ages in the best way.

A new issue is out this month that serves as a jumping on point (although truthfully, Sakai is such a strong storyteller that you can always catch up just by jumping on — check out how the first page of the preview sets up the situation so you can just keep on going.)

Tonight To Do: Dash Shaw at SVA … FREE

Thursday, November 4, 7pm Artist and SVA alumnus Dash Shaw (BFA 2005 Illustration) will deliver the fall Distinguished Alumnus Lecture. With the publication of Bottomless Belly Button (Fantagraphics, 2008) and BodyWorld (Pantheon, 2010), Shaw has quickly established himself as a leading figure among emerging graphic novelists. The animator and director of IFC’s The Unclothed Man […]

Tonight and beyond: King Con

People who have recovered from New York Comic Con are gearing up for King Con, Brooklyn’s home show. Tonight King Con kicks off at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Guests include Chris Claremont, Kyle Baker, Sarah Glidden, and more. The four-day schedule this year allows for two panels tonight, a party tomorrow, and two days of exhibits and panels Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be moderating the Kids panel Sunday at 12:30.

Wizard acquires Central Canada Comic Con

Well it seems Wizard is on an acquisition spree this week, as they have just announced annexing the Central Canada Comic Con, a mid-size show held in Winnipeg that just wrapped up this weekend. It already had a guest mix of random Jedi, Star Trek crew members and local creators, so it’s a natural fit for Wizard’s show brand. It’s Wizard’s second foray into Canada, after the Toronto Comic-Con. For those not versed in Canadian geography, Winnipeg is in the Manitoba province, about halfway between Toronto and Vancouver. We’re not enough of an expert to know whether this is a competitor for the Calgary Entertainment Expo, a well-established show that is moving to June from April next year.

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel clarifies pricing changes, lowers price on Hulk

[In recent weeks there’s been much discussion of comics pricing, and both Marvel and DC have made changes to their pricing levels in order to face the realities of the current economic climate. While DC has announced an across the board roll-back of prices from $3.99 to $2.99, Marvel’s policy announcements have been somewhat less clear. At the ICV2 conference last month Vice-President Sales & Circulation David Gabriel announced a rollback on selected titles, but no details. In addition at a retailer meeting, Marvel announced that they would be putting out fewer titles. An interview earlier this week with VP-executive editor Tom Brevoort made it clear that the rollback was limited but left details to Gabriel.

In order to clear up what Marvel’s policies are in regards to pricing, Gabriel and Chief Operating Officer Jim “Ski” Sokolowski sat down for an interview, discussing some of the business realities of publishing, the growth of digital and how to reach new readers as older ones cycle out.]

DC E-i-c Bob Harras steps out to explain Batman twist

Yesterday’s release of BATMANn & ROBIN #16 — the final issue leading into the new BATMAN, INC, book by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette — included a shocking ending. It was also the first time DC’s new Editor-in-chief Bob Harras had made the press rounds with a bunch of interviews at various sites, including a chat with Kiel Phegley at CBR. Nothing too shocking or revelatory. Harras shows himself to be a smart publishing professional who likes Grant Morrison and thinks comics are a visual medium. He’s also getting a handle on a wide-ranging job:

To Do this weekend: New England Webcomics Weekend

This weekend, the second New England Webcomics Weekend is happening in Easthampton, MA. Guests are a veritable who’s who of the webcomics world, including R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties), Chris Hastings (Adventures of Dr. McNinja), Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), John Allison (Scary Go Round), Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant), and too many more to list. There […]

Wizard acquires New Orleans Comic-Con

Just last week it was announced that Wizard was bringing its Wizard World tour of pop culture-themed autograph shows to New Orleans — at the exact same venue as the existing NOLA Comic Con. Now it turns out that Wizard has acquired the NOLA con, and is moving it to their earlier, January date. Many of Wizard’s convention acquisitions have been more of an organizational shift than an actual purchase—the two entities share leads and resources and the original show runners get to broker exhibit space. New Orleans is a notoriously difficult locale for vendor conventions, so in this case, teaming up makes a lot of sense.

To Do this weekend: Comica London International Comics Festival

This weekend marks the start of the Comica London International Comics Festival. Over the next month there will be many events including talks by Charlie Adlard (THE WALKING DEAD), Ho Che Anderson (KING), and Bryan Talbot (GRANDVILLE), art exhibitions, launch parties, and the Comiket Independent Comics Fair this weekend. Between November 5 and December 1 […]