Wizard World Tour expands to New Orleans

Via PR, we haven’t had a Wizard World tour expansion announcement in a while — and several shows, as you will see, have yet to be scheduled — but they’ve just started growing again with the announcement of a show in New Orleans, set for January 29-30, 2011. Unlike several previous WW expansions, this does not seem to be an acquisition of an existing show.

Paramount forks over AVENGERS and IRON MAN 3 to Disney

Although Disney’s acquisition of Marvel’s character library was seen as a genius move to shore up their boy-skewing movie franchises, there was one wistful little fly in the ointment: Marvel had already assigned rights to most of their iconic super hero franchises to other studios. Undeterred, Disney has just regained a few of the crown jewels: Disney has just acquired marketing and distribution rights to THE AVENGERS and and IRON MAN 3, which will be released May 13, 2013. Disney paid Paramount $115 million for the distribution rights and this will serve as a minimum guarantee against distribution fees.

RIP: Jonny Rench

Colorist Jonny Rench passed away this weekend of a heart attack at the insanely young age of 28, it was reported via Twitter. Rench was a Wildstorm mainstay and colored such books as The Authority, The Highwayman and many, many more. More of his art can be seen here.