Nice Art: Steve “The Dude” Rude paints at the CBLDF

Even with his own financial problems going on, the Dude still has time to help out the CBLDF. What a guy. Support either good cause and get some great art in return.

Breaking: Con Wars over?

Looking at the Wizard World schedule appended to the New Orleans announcement we just posted, it looks like a truce of sorts has been posted for Con Wars! — at least on the New York City battlefront.

Wizard World Tour expands to New Orleans

Via PR, we haven’t had a Wizard World tour expansion announcement in a while — and several shows, as you will see, have yet to be scheduled — but they’ve just started growing again with the announcement of a show in New Orleans, set for January 29-30, 2011. Unlike several previous WW expansions, this does not seem to be an acquisition of an existing show.

Paramount forks over AVENGERS and IRON MAN 3 to Disney

Although Disney’s acquisition of Marvel’s character library was seen as a genius move to shore up their boy-skewing movie franchises, there was one wistful little fly in the ointment: Marvel had already assigned rights to most of their iconic super hero franchises to other studios. Undeterred, Disney has just regained a few of the crown jewels: Disney has just acquired marketing and distribution rights to THE AVENGERS and and IRON MAN 3, which will be released May 13, 2013. Disney paid Paramount $115 million for the distribution rights and this will serve as a minimum guarantee against distribution fees.

RED redeems comic book movies at the 11th hour

Despite worries, RED held its own against the Jackass onslaught this weekend at the ox office. The Summit Pictures film — loosely based on the Warren Ellis/Cully Hamner comic of the same name, came in a solid second and appears to have had wide appe

More of those adorable X-Men cosplayers

Via Comics Alliance and G4, a video of those eye-popping young X-Men cosplayers. Iceman, call me.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 10/18/10

Last week was too exhausting to do link roundups, so here’s a whole WEEK’S worth of clipped stories.

RIP: Jonny Rench

Colorist Jonny Rench passed away this weekend of a heart attack at the insanely young age of 28, it was reported via Twitter. Rench was a Wildstorm mainstay and colored such books as The Authority, The Highwayman and many, many more. More of his art can be seen here.

Con Report: Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo

Debuting during this busy weekend for comics, the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo drew favorable Tweets. Jessica at Uncovered Space has a nice little write-up with some pictures, including this one of Frank Santoro and Kevin Huizenga. From the photos, it looks like a nice, well-lit venue, always a plus. Did anyone else attend? Link to your report or give our own comments below.

2010 Inkwell Award Winners announced

The Inkwell Awards for inking were handed out on Sunday at Wizard World New England in Boston, and Mark Morales won Favorite Inker. Klaus Janson and Al Williamson won the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame awards. Complete winners in bold below.

Con report: BICS 2010

The Birmingham Comics Expo was held this weekend, and if past events are any guide, participants should be waking up from their hangovers by Tuesday 9 am. Twitter reports were favorable; the big news seems to have been Jonathan Ross, who announced a new book with Tommy Lee Edwards (his TURF collaborator) called “The Golden Age.”