The Walking Dead at NYCC

No, that’s not a reference to what I felt like the Sunday after fighting my way across last weekend’s uber-crowded, nerd sweat fueled NYCC convention floor.  Of course, you know that already.  You know what I’m talking about, people.  I’m talking about the highly anticipated AMC TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s much beloved comics series, The Walking Dead, […]

Quote of the Day: Warren Ellis

There is a small, snivelling and flinching part of me that would rather not have his name inextricably linked with The Last Comic Book Movie Flop Of 2010. But, you know, I am today pretty much at peace with the whole thing. I’ve met fine people and I’ve learned many useful things, and that is the most you can ask of any walk.

More views of NYCC 10

Don’t worry, we’re not going to spend the next five weeks going over reactions to New York Comic Con…probably just this post, our own wrap-up and whatever news fallout emerges. Fun Fact #1: This year, it’s been hard to find personal blog accounts of the show. Like San Diego, NYCC has become the province of a lot of professional bloggers and journos, so even a Google blog search comes up with lots of variations on “Marvel vs Capcom!”.

Fun Fact #2: Even though our own immediate reaction to the show was that it worked for what it was supposed to be, there have been a lot of complaints. This isn’t really surprising — there were a lot of rough patches in security, crowding, scheduling and more — but it shows that the crowd had high expectations for the kind of experience they were going to get, and when it fell short, they felt it.