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ROBOT: The Bollywood/Robot Extravaganza that has everyone tweeting!

This is what it was like when the internet was cool.


DC moves only part of bigger WB shake-up

As we head into Day 3 of the Bi-Coastal Era of DC Comics, even bigger organizational changes were announced at Warner Bros. Short version: Time Warner head Jeff Bewkes announced that Warner Bros Chairman/CEO Barry Meyer would be staying on for two years (he had been rumored to be retiring before that) but studio head Alan Horn will be moving along in April 2011. Three men will fill a three-headed president role to replace Horn: Jeff Robinov, the movie guy, Bruce Rosenblum, the TV guy, and Kevin Tsujihara the multimedia/home entertainment guy.

Although this all seems far distant from the traditional comics business, it is all tied in, of course.


The way forward with webcomics tech

The other day comics/tech guru Scott McCloud posted examples of two webcomics using current navigation techniques to give advanced motion and storytelling effects. One, Turbo Defiant Kimecan (top) uses Flash to allow readers to time the appearance of panels and balloons. Never Mind the Bullets (bottom) uses HTML 5 to gives kind of “motion comics-y” floating animation. As McCloud points out, both are just examples, not role models — Never Mind the Bullets suggested we download IE9, which was an immediate fail. The comments are unkind:


Sighted: Isaac Perlmutter, sort of

Forbes has published its list of the 400 richest Americans and Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter clocks in at #250 with $1.65 billion, much of it from the $4 billion sale of Marvel to Disney last year.

The piece also contains a real oddity: a photograph of Perlmutter.


Separated at birth: Blacksad and Gay French CGI cat Orangina commercial

Also: Why no BLACKSAD movie yet? Alexandre Aja was rumored to be involved.