BREAKING: San Diego Comic-Con to Stay in San Diego!

It’s official, via a press release. After long, complex negotiations that involved serious offers from Los Angeles and Anaheim, Comic-Con International: San Diego has just announced they will stay in the city they are named for.

With the Con’s contract with the convention center expiring in 2012, and the facilities MAXED out for space, everyone has been wondering if the con would move to a different city that offered more perks, The city of San Diego has been seen as indifferent to the biggest civilian convention of the year, although that has changed in the last couple of years.


Two years older ONE PIECE characters

Attention, continuity-obsessed readers of 70 year-old franchises — THIS is how you handle growth and change. Click on the image for the full spoiler of the new, two years older cast of ONE PIECE — the best selling comic in the world — and check out Topless Robot for a character-by-character analysis.


Chip Zdarsky is running for mayor of Toronto

Speaking of Cartoonists Doing Things: Steve Murray — the birth name of the cartoonist better known worldwide as Chip Zdarsky — has launched a campaign for mayor of Toronto, ON:


Liefeld shows off Liefeld pose for Penny Arcade

The folks at Penny Arcade are running “Rob Liefeld Pose” * contest to promote the Liefeld inspired video game Comic Jumper. And artist Rob Liefeld entered it himself.


Linkie Winkies — 9/30/10

From all over: § Chris Sims rates the DC snack cakes: Beneath the icing, they’re just the standard Hostess Cupcakes, and guys, cupcakes are already covered (see below). Yes, you could make a joke about how they’re guaranteed to “go fast” at your Halloween party, but that’s beneath all of us. § Gosh! Comics surveys […]


Report: Children like reading on digital devices

Okay, so far today we know senior citizens are reading comics, millennials are using wifi to have human contact…but WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?????

Well according to a Scholastic study, they are reading things on handheld devices We’ll just jump ahead to the nut graph:


Report: Millennials rely on Wi-Fi to mate

Not Comics, but it does shed some light on behavior. While we’re rounding up some scientific jargon, GigaOM reports that millennials need Wi-Fi the way previous generations needed fresh air and vitamin C. (Millennials are here defined as 17-29 year-olds.)


America's 10 Greatest Comic and Graphic Novel Stores

Or at least so says Flavorwire. Above, the great Quimby’s in Chicago.

Who would you nominate for best comic store?


Wimpy Kid joins Macy's parade

Jeff Kinney’s best-selling Wimpy Kid is about to get another honor reserved for only the greatest of kids entertainment legends — this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will include a Greg Heffley balloon. This honor is reserved for only the greatest icons of cartooning, including Bart Simpson, Garfield, Snoopy, and of course Spider-Man.

“I’m incredibly excited that Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been chosen to be a part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” said Jeff Kinney. “When I think of all of the iconic characters that have flown in years past, I feel humbled and honored that my character will be a part of the Parade’s history.”

With 37 million copies of his first six books already sold, the next Wimpy Kid book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth goes on sale on November 9th and a second WImpy Kid movie is due in March, 2011.

To celebrate the dawn of the Wimpy balloon, publisher Abrams has just started a contest for one winner and three friends to come to New York for the parade.

While debating whether Diary of a Wimpy Kid constitutes being a comic book character or not — the books are mostly prose but include comics interstitials, and creator Kinney considers himself a cartoonist — we say just embrace success and enjoy the sight of the helium giant floating down Broadway.


Report says 25% of comics readers are over 65

We’ve often commented that a scientifically conducted reader survey of comics readership — age, sex, race, income — would be a very useful thing, especially now that there are more comics than ever, all with smaller readerships. Maybe it would show how that whole forty-year-old-virgin thing is going. Well according to this press release, maybe they are now 65 year old virgins. Simba Information has released the second edition of its ”Overview of the U.S. Comic Book and Graphic Novel Market” report and used the finding that 1 in 4 comics reader is over the age of 65 as their attention-grabbing headline.


Nice Art: Jennifer Tong's rainbow & i

Jennifer Tong has put the contents of her limited edition book online for all to enjoy. Only 75 copies have been made.

There seems to be a whole sub-genre of indie comics about mystical forest creatures, usually told as a fairy tale, many by women. Salamander Dream by Hope Larson. Black Lagoon by Lilli Carre. Much of the work of Anders Nilsen. Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfrörer.


Johnny Ryan's new website!

Via FLOG, word of a new, expanded website for Johnny Ryan with a blog and prints and all. The above are examples of new prints for sale.


Nice Art: Drew Friedman's Village Voice cover

It’s called Insane White People.


Koyama Press debuts two next week

And speaking of the small press, Canadian Koyama Press is making a name as a real force on the scene with a series of high-quality books. They’re having a launch for two more next week in Toronto:

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2010, 7pm – 10pm


Pigeon Press resurrects Buenaventura titles

Over at Blog Flume, publisher Alvin Buenaventura has resurrected hopes and a bit of his shuttered Buenaventura Press with a single image for one Pigeon Press, and the announcement of new issues of Matt Furie’s BOYS CLUB and Lisa Hanawalt’s I WANT YOU for sale at APE, October 16-17.


Joe Q: One More Day, One More Time

This has not upset fanboys at all.

CBR’s Kiel Phegley and Marvel e-i-c Joe Quesada engage in a massive, week-long tell-all on the subject of One More Day, and it’s current retcon in One Moment in Time — O.M.I.T. OMD, you may recall if you have been near a comic book website in the last three years, retconned the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane out of existence because of a deal made with Mephisto. It was a hugely popular story element ridiculously controversial and fan complained loudly and continually for three years.

AND NOW, O.M.I.T. has made that story never happen. So despite the memories people may have of the touching Shea Stadium Watson/Parker nuptials, that storyline is now as leveled and buried as Shea itself.