Diamond introduces street dates for Wednesday on-sale

Following lengthy discussion and behind-the-scenes debate, Diamond has announced that street dates are available for all retailers now: comics will be shipped Tuesday for a Wednesday on-sale. A $5-a-week charge for retailers who opt in will go towards a “mystery shopper” program to make sure street dates aren’t broken. Stores who don’t want to participate can stick with Wednesday delivery.

We’ll have more on this story with industry reactions in today’s PW Comics Week. PR below.

True Blood Recap: Harsh Daylight Shines on an Unanchored Plot

After a couple of basically strong episodes, the Fresh Blood just didn’t congeal this week.  The gestalt was off.  True Blood’s chi is out of whack, and, quite frankly, people, it didn’t leave me anxiously awaiting the finale.  Many of the scenes were good on their own but just as many felt awkward and immaterial, leaving the whole episode lacking in narrative center.  Take the opening scene: Bill’s blood bond to Sookie leads him to Fangtasia where he has a fun little run in with Pam.  Starting off with a fight scene between two distinct characters that rub each other the wrong way and don’t interact often was nice.  Particularly when Pam mocks Bill’s pretense of being in a normal, monogamous relationship with Sookie then outfoxes the stronger, older vampire by spraying silver flecked water in his eyes.