Nina Paley’s Mimi and Eunice webcomic

Acclaimed animator/cartoonist Nina Paley has sent around word of hew new webcomic, Mimi and Eunice, and by sheer coincidence, the topic is the matter which we’ve been much discussing of late.

Paley is best known for her handmade animated film, SITA SINGS THE BLUES, which was made for next to nothing, hailed as a triumph everywhere, but held up from commercial distribution because of copyright issues in the music Paley used for the film. And as Paley writes on the website for the film:

FanExpo Canada draws huge crowd

Sounds like CCI: San Diego isn’t the only comics show having some growing pains: There were HUGE lines and crowds at this weekend’s FanExpo in Toronto, according to the CBC: Even though they had already purchased tickets for FanExpo, many people were told they would have to wait outside because the crowd was at full […]

2010 Harvey Award winners

201008291131.jpgFrom Baltimore last night, the winners — ASTERIOS POLYP, David Mazzucchelli and The Rocketeer took home three, CHEW, and THE WALKING DEAD two each in various combinations. Despite ongoing controversy over the nominations, the winners were strong selections, very close to this year’s Eisner winners, at least on first glance.