Nice Art: Scott Morse’s ATP Festival posters

Scott Morse has posted two posters which he created for the film portion of the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Monticello, NY, Morse writes: The cinema section is being curated by the incredible CRITERION folks, with film selections by Jim Jarmusch. My two posters are for Jacques Becker’s Touchez pas au grisbi and Jules Dassin’s […]

Marvel’s summit Daredevil cake and rumors

Marvel has a big writer’s summit going on this week, and they celebrated the creative process with cake, as this picture by editor Nate Cosby proves. Does the tribute to Daredevil have anything to do with his regular book ending in November? Only the dessert bar will tell.

Brian Bendis had more from the summit in a message board posting:

the superpowered nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby was voted on and unanimously decided by the entire Marvel editorial team and the attending creators. their first appearance will be in new avengers number seven.

Motions toward the jerk-free life

With the slow news cycle, we’ve been doing some much needed maintenance around Stately Beat Manor — trimming unread email lists, pruning RSS feeds, and so on. We’ve also been pondering our commenting system. We’ve recently put a few posters on “time out” because they were basically rude, insulting brigands, and we don’t like their kind. Biting wit and a droll put-down is fine. Name calling and invective is not.

Frankly, we’re always amazed when we go out and meet all the smart, talented people who read the Beat daily — we’d love to get some of those folks to comment more but it might require a complete overhaul of the commenting system. Also, it’s always been our observation that the better the modding, the better the commenting, and we don’t have the time it probably requires.