Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Debate

So when the tale was written, SCOTT PILGRIM Vs THE WORLD ended up #5 at the box office with a disappointing $10.5 mil. This simple fact has caused ethnic wars everywhere on the internet. People ask, double rainbow-like, “What does it mean?” and argue over who is a fanboy, what is a fanboy, what is […]

Superman lawsuit spin-offs continue; Superman legal battle producing spin-off lawsuits

If the long, long battle over the rights to Superman were a DC “event” comic, we would be into the colon-bedecked spin-offs by now. On Friday, legal hotshot Marc Toberoff — who, in addition to representing the heirs of Jerry Siegel also represents the heirs of Joe Shuster AND the heirs of Jack Kirby in […]

MMORPG-addicted China to get even more animated

A story in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that China is looking to get bigger in the international animation/comics field: Leading the charge is the city of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province in southwest China. Since 2007, the city has been staging an annual Asian Youth Animation and Comics Contest, which this year attracted jurists, speakers, […]

Briefs & Boxers! 08/15/10

o “Batman Can Take It” Grant Morrison talks to Los Angeles Times blogger Geoff Boucher about his plans for Batman: “Supple is the word. It’s really weird. Batman can take anything. You can do comedy Batman, you can do gay Batman … it all works. It something [sic] intrinsic to the character. It’s so strange […]

News and notes: Batwoman, Archie, Bakuman

A few things from hither and yon: § Archie Comics’ aggressive new management team is profiled in a big story in the NY Times’ Business section: We’re at the beginning of the beginning,” says Jon Goldwater, co-chief executive of Archie Comic Publications. “We’re going to expand. Publishing will always be part of it, but we […]