ROBOT 13 hits 100K downloads mark

ROBOT 13, the stylish steampunk fantasy comic by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford, has just become one of the first independently produced comics to push past the 100,000 download mark on iTunes and Android, according to a press release from e-distributor Robot Comics.

The app is free on both platforms, so it hasn’t been a cash cow for the creators — however, there are three print issues available and the first has sold out.

Nonetheless, it’s an impressive feat for a relatively unknown indie comic. The downloadable version has many bells and whistles, says Robot Comics.

Charts of Note #1: Vertigo ongoing series runs

Funnybook Babylon has an interesting charticle looking at the runs of various Vertigo ongoing series over the years, following some speculation that books were being canceled there because of increased scrutiny from DC’s new management. Chris Eckert suggests this is not the case, or at least not the only factor, by showing that the lowest selling titles are always canceled, although nowadays the best selling title is something that would have been canceled a decade ago. Eckert also runs a chart showing relative Amazon rankings for various Vertigo trades, a weak metric but all we have to go on.

DC pushes Green Lantern to the fashionable

A vigilant reader sent us this scan of an ad in the current edition of Women’s Wear Daily, the bible of the fashion trade. The ad, for Green Lantern licensing opportunities, ran in a previews section for the upcoming 2010 MAGIC Marketplace, “the preeminent trade event in the international fashion industry.”

Obviously, Warner Bros. has BIG, BIG plans for Green Lantern licensing — and based on the number of folks we see walking the streets of NYC in GL T-shirts, we’d say they might just be on to something.