Shutter report: Rocketship is closed

Rocketship, the innovative Brooklyn comics shop which has been a mecca for graphic novels and forward-looking comics retailing, is closed down, several locals reported to The Beat. The store is currently locked up but with all the stock inside intact. Reached for comment, co-owner Alex Cox told The Beat that it was a real estate […]

Pilgrimania is taking over the world — especially the Hilton

Scott Pilgrim promo fever is hitting 105˚ in advance of next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, sure to be known in future years as “The Scott Pilgrim One.” To wit, various Twitter feeds have been capturing the progress of a giant Scott Pilgrim banner being erected over the Hilton Bayfront hotel. Yowsa.

Scott PIlgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has a thorough list of events he’s involved with, including his midnight signing appearance in Toronto, where it all began. (We’ll have more details on midnight events in a few days.)

Oh yeah, that OTHER costume: THOR

This is the other superhero movie sneak peak making the rounds, the first look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. This still has met with very mixed reaction on the new, looking as it does kind of .. Marvel Studios-ey, if you know what we mean. Since Norse gods don’t wear wife beaters, getting the look right is very important.

KCRW to re-broadcast AMERICAN SPLENDOR radio play

On Friday, KCRW will replay a 1991 radio adaptation of Vince Waldron’s AMERICAN SPLENDOR stage play, starring Dan (Homer Simpson) Castellaneta. The original stage play (which we saw in person) was a wonderful adaptationof the late Harvey Pekar’s work, and this version is has a lot of the same charms. The play will be available ONLY on air and by live stream and will not be available for download, so set those tape recorders.

SD10: The battle of the bags is over!

At least one element that has made Comic-Con hell on earth in recent years has ended, namely the stampede each day to get those oversized walking billboard bags that Warner Brothers gives away each day. Brilliant from a marketing standpoint but functionally useless — unless it’s to make an emergency dress or shelter — the bags were nonetheless highly sought after by congoers, resulting in mobs of people milling around the booth waiting for the distribution hours, clogging aisles and making posing with Stromtropper Elvis a real hassle. But no more! The bags are now part of the OFFICIAL CON GIVEAWAYS! with 11 different designs; one will be given to each con-goer. Don’t like the one you got? Imagine the resulting swapping and trading! This could be a great way to make to make friends. Official pr below, with links to many other con-related sites.

Thot for the day

“Sci-fi visionaries and Hollywood elite will enjoy music, food, and cocktails while entertainment luminaries enjoy views of downtown San Diego.”
— from PR the this year’s Syfy EW party, which we can’t get into and neither can you. Because, presumably, entertainment luminaries just don’t eat or drink, which is how they stay so photogenic. But they don’t like music either. They just like staring out at the view.