Fox TV’s Comic-Con schedule

Via pr — GLEE is coming again and it’s gonna be huuuuuge; also lots and lots of Fox cartoons. Fox TV just sent out all the information on the panels for their various shows. This includes where, when, and who will be attending. Take a look: FRIDAY, JULY 23: 11:00-12:00 Bob’s Burgers: Creator/Executive Producer Loren […]

Internet: Dan DiDio has been playing you

As regular readers of this site and other comics sites know, the DCU has been taking a lot of lumps for perceived insensitivity in handling the death of various minority characters, and they haven’t had too many opportunities to set the record straight. However, a big interview with co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee conducted by Fearless Kiel Phegley has been quoted widely:


Anything billed as an Absolute All-Star has to be great, but Frank Quitely holds up his end with the cover for ABSOLUTE ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, coming in October. Written by Grant Morrison, the collection of the acclaimed series — perhaps the most universally enjoyed loved superhero book of the past five years — hits in October.

Vertigo Spring 2011 GNs announced

The Vertigo blog annoucned their GN schedule for Jan-Apr 2011 yesterday — including some books that were announced back in May but didn’t get too much attention:


RAT CATCHER by Andy Diggle and Victor Ibañez
NOCHE ROJA by Writer: Simon Oliver and Jason Latour (above — nice!))
Also, a new OGN, AARON AND AHMED by Jay Cantor and James Romberger. Nothing else new we spotted, although we’re bummed that the third volume of the deluxe collected Preacher won’t be out for another year. We had already cleared a place on the shelf for it!

Mickey Mouse gets high

Found while surfing: An episode of the Mickey Mouse strip that features Mickey and Goofy getting all hopped up on goofballs. While they don’t go out and muder some hookers while high, they do go to Africa so they can encounter uncomfortable racial stereotypes of the era. Was this the work of a rogue writer who slipped some crazy shit past Disney censors? Well, according to the site hosting this — which offers “reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues:, this was really part of those wacky, wacky 50s and their unexpected propaganda:

GREEN HORNET manifests photos and trailer

  Michel Gondry’s GREEN HORNET feature is so weird that it’s been consigned to January release date hell by the studio, but actual approved pictures of a slim Seth Rogen and adorable Jay Chou have appeared online, as has a trailer, which looks…well, sort of what you’d expect if Seth Rogen made a superhero picture. […]