Oops, one more digital link: THEY ARE ALL AROUND US

Brian Hibbs has another retail-focused take on digital which begins: I had kind of hoped I was done talking about digital, for at least a little while, but I think there are still bits that people are confused enough about that staying on the topic for another month might make some sense. Bad news, Brian: […]

The week in digital: HOLY CRAP

While we’ve been ranting and complaining and what not it has been an epochal week in digital comics publishing with so much crap going on, we are just going to link like crazy. The week started off, of course with BOOM! Studios making two big announcements. First, they joined Marvel with their own iPad/iPhone comics […]

E3 comics stuff

The Beat is contractually not allowed to pay attention to video games, but the E3 convention just wrapped up and we’ll just direct you to iFanboy’s E3 2010 Comic Game News Roundup which has all the news on Spiderman Marvel vs Capcom, Scott Pilgrim, and something called Comic Jumper which looks cool: Oni’s Charlie Chu […]

National Review’s Kick-Ass cover

Now, that is funny.

Your guide to the World Cup and comics

Hard as it is to believe there is more of a comics/footie connection than just Roy of the Rovers — although who really needs more than Roy of the Rovers? We thought we’d see more World Cup comics art around but we forgot nerds aren’t into sports.

Area man writes book about surviving Comic-Con

This popped up somewhere in our RSS feed:
The Unauthorized San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guideby Doug Kline from popculturegeek.com. This self published guide is a small pocket-sized book that sells for $7 plus shipping and includes info on surviving the ordeal of a lifetime, or at least the month. BUt if you ask us, you don’t really need a book to figure out most of this stuff: