Briefs & Boxers! 06/10/10

This week: Marvel gets ready to shift serial business away from comics retailers; Comic-Salon Erlangen foto parade, with cocks and blue people; more conversations worth having from Tom Spurgeon; DC editor Ian Sattler calms the critics, ends debate; why translating from English is a challenge; and your new comics recommendation of the week, delicious like a bag of boogers.


Artist GB Tran has just relaunched his website, and he has a preview of VIETNAMERICA, a comics memoir to be published by Villard next year. Tran describes it as “a graphic memoir of my family’s survival and escape during the Vietnam War, and reinvention in its aftermath as refugees in the United States.” Here are […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 6/10/10

As usual, a ton of disparate links have piled up while we were on the road. §DC is teaming with the NBA for some licensed apparel, and the result is this fine piece of Photoshop craftsmanship. § This is old, but everyone was Tweeting it yesterdayL Nikki Cook’s advice to artists: 14. Before walking out […]

Wowio buys DrunkDuck

Via PR, electronic publisher WOWIO has purchased the webcomic site DrunkDuck from Platinum Studios. Just to make it all neat and tidy, Platinum once owned Wowio, but Wowio is now owned by a separate company, which is owned by Platinum exec Brian Altounian. Got all that straight? Wowio is on a spending spree, having recently […]