New manga supergroup to take on pirates

There’s a new superteam in town, Calvin Reid reports at Publishers Weekly — brought together to face a mighty foe that threatens our very existence.   Or to put it another way, manga publishers have realized that they cannot defeat the scanlation monster alone, and they might have a better chance together. The thirty-six members of […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: April 2010

Crossover season continues! SIEGE #4 slipped into May, but that didn’t stop a bunch of tie-in books from shipping, including the final issues of several Avengers titles before the line gets revamped. HULK and INCREDIBLE HULK didn’t ship either, but there’s still some WORLD WAR HULK books on this list. And the X-books kick off their major crossover, “Second Coming.”

April also saw the release of the Iron Man movie, complete with the launch of a second monthly Iron Man title. And we’ve got the first issues of new DEADPOOL CORPS, S.H.I.E.L.D. and BLACK WIDOW, as well as a bunch of miniseries.

As usual, Marvel had the largest share of the direct market, beating DC by 45% to 33% in units, and 39% to 30% in dollars.

Frazetta page fetches $380,000

We’re not necessarily going to make a cottage industry out of running all these “record setting art sales” PR pieces, but given the recent passing of Frazetta, the fact that his cover for Weird Science-Fantasy #29 just in a private treaty sale for $380,000 to Heritage Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Jim Halperin, it does seem somewhat […]

2010 Manning Award nominees

Nominees for the 2010 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award, recognizing some of the finest emerging cartoonists, were announced yesterday. The award is selected by a committee consisting of representatives of the West Coast Comics Club and Comic-Con International. Previous winners include Dave Stevens, Jan Duursema, Steve Rude, Scott McCloud, Art Adams, Eric Shanower, Dan Brereton, […]

2010 Shuster Award winners

Saturday saw the presentation of the 6th Annual Joe Shuster Awards, honoring the finest in Canadian comics. And the winners are: Artist/Dessinateur * Stuart Immonen – Ultimate Spider-Man 130-133, New Avengers 55-60, Fantastic Four 569 (Marvel), The CBLDF Presents Liberty Comics 2 – “Trampoline Hall” (Image Comics) Cartoonist/Créateur * Michel Rabagliati – Paul, tome 06: […]