HeroesCon stays relaxed and fun

As usual, southern hospitality is keeping HeroesCon at the Charlotte Convention center a laid-back relax-a-con as opposed to some of the more frantic offerings on the con schedule. Heroes organizer Shelton Drum gave us the literal bird-eye view of the show last night — pre-reg was high, and the show floor is completely sold out, […]

Briefs & Boxers! 06/04/10

o “Form Can Determine Content More Than Even the People Making the Content Generally Realize”

Douglas Wolk and the Techland crew discuss the hardcover edition of Wednesday Comics (so does the Comics Alliance crew, by the way).

I’m in the liked-it-in-theory camp on Wednesday Comics. I bought all the issues, but found most of the strips so mind-numbingly dull and nostalgia-driven that I lost interest after the first one. Wednesday Comics has some great art by Paul Pope, Karl Kerschl, Ryan Sook, Kyle Baker and many others. But with few exceptions, it reads like a bunch of people paying homage to the kinds of comics strips they liked as kids, rather than some of the most promising storytellers in the field making a serious attempt at exploring an off-beat format.

Marvel takes the day and date plunge with IRON MAN

It’s coming fast, kids. IDW recently announced a four-week window for digital comics releases, and Marvel today announced their first day-and-date release of a comic, the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 by Matt Fraction and Carmine Di Giandomenico. While the story concerns the origin of the Mandarin, in future days, this issue may be remembered […]

Cap and Thor leaks

As we alluded to the other day, concept art for Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America have been leaked….or “leaked,” as they often say. Collider points out: Collider reader “Dan” has sent us some concept art of Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  Earlier today, we ran a story about AICN landing concept […]

Renner signs as Hawkeye for AVENGERS

Well, well, it looks like things are shaping up for Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS movie , as Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) ahs joined the cast as Hawkeye. So far we have RDJ as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Cap, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, ScarJo as The Black Widow, and Don Cheadle as War Machine. That’s a hefty and costly lineup of stars, but thrifty Marvel is asking the actors to take pay cuts and otherwise watching the budget very, very closely, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

RDJ buys comics one issue at a time, just like the rest of us

x17 has photos and video of Robert Downey Jr. stopping in at Meltdown to buy some comics, probably as research for an upcoming role, one would expect. Given that Downey’s Iron Man won’t be appearing in either CAPTAIN AMERICA or THOR, but is being saved for the all-star Avengers team-up, it’s a pretty good bet that the comics he’s picking up are Avengers related. As Jim McCann noted via Twitter, that included a Hawkeye-Mockingbird miniseries.

Star Wars Kid is grown up and a lawyer

This has a distinct revenge of the nerds feel to it. Ghyslain Raza known to the world as “The Star Wars Kid” following an infamous video of the youngster practicing with a lightsaber, is graduated from school with a law degree and a position running a local historical conservation organization, Patrimoine Trois-Rivières. And looking sharp. […]