THE RUINED CAST teaser trailer

Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro have been working on this teaser for THE RUINED CAST, a new Shaw animation project which includes the Shavian staple of a family in crisis near a body of water, and looks very mind trippy. The final product will be a full length animated feature to be directed by Shaw and produced by Howard Gertler and John Cameron Mitchell. Warning: NSFW if your W does not like male frontal.

Second SCOTT PILGRIM trailer debuts

You know, we’ve been expecting that this thing will be awesome, and this just confirms it, but seeing it all laid out like that makes us wonder if the movie going audience — which has recently shown itself to be pretty reactionary and unadventurous — will really except a teenaged romance comedy with lots of fighting. Either the girls will love the romance and the guys will love the fighting…or the girls will hate the fighting and the guys will hate the romance like they usually do. More to the point, can Hollywood successfully MARKET a movie that has crossover appeal?