MAY BEAT GIVEAWAY FRENZY #4: Dong Xoai: Vietnam 1965

Today’s Beat giveaway is the new graphic novel by comics Legend Joe Kubert, Dong Xoai 1965. In a starred review,  Publishers Weekly wrote: In 1967, Joe Kubert illustrated a Veterans’ Day series run by a newspaper syndicate and included a dramatic rendering of an episode from the battle of Dong Xoai in which two members […]

2010 Eagle Awards nominations

The Eagle Awards, the British comics honors which are voted and chosen by the fans, have just been announced. It’s a good year for Dr. Who, Tony Lee, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, Chew and Jason Aaron. Online voting is now open! Favourite Newcomer WriterAl EwingJonathan HickmanKathryn ImmonenKieron GillenMike LynchFavourite Newcomer ArtistDavid LafuenteDeclan ShalveyJamie McKelvieJohn […]

You Say You Want a Revolution?

What a difference a few years can make. Not so long ago, some people believed that manga was poised to take over the world, and with reason; it dominated the BookScan charts, gobbled up bookstore shelf space, and became an important part of the graphic novel landscape. Over the past two years, however, overall manga sales in the U.S. have been reported to be down by one- third, eight manga publishers have gone out of business, while the two biggest players TokyoPop and Viz have shrunk as Shojo Beat and Yen Plus turn to digital publishing. What the hell happened?

Writer Stephen Perry missing amidst a sad story

Over the weekend, writer Stephen Perry — best known for working on the Thundercats cartoon show in the ’80s, but also the author of many comics, including the Epic series (and possibly Avatar-influencing) TIMESPIRITS, shown above, was announced as missing, and given the grisly details surrounding the disappearance — a severed arm, a truck full […]

Dalrymple’s Spider-Man

It’s sort of the worst kept secret in comics that there will be a second Strange Tales anthology from Marvel, featuring more indie cartoonists presenting their takes on classic Marvel characters. The latest cartoonist to let the cat out of the bag is Farel Dalrymple who posted this excellent panel from a Spider-Man story.