Free Comic Book Day 2010 in review

Elite Beat commenter Torsten Adair reviews almost every Free Comics Book Day Comic. From Mouse Guard to Lady Gaga. WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0 FCBD 2010 EDITION Creative Team: (W) James Robinson (A) Eddy Barrows, Ruy José (C) J.G. Jones. Publisher: DC COMICS The cover has been changed, it is now a more iconic image […]

May Day! Tampa is crawling with Trekkies

In an announcement that will turn Tampa, FL into a place of dread and infamy for some a whirlpool of horror for some — and a much-desureed destination for others — this weekend’s Vulcan Events Convention in Tampa, Fl will attempt to se a world record for Most people wearing ear cuffs in one place Largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek Character in one place. Now the existing record for more Trekkies in one spot was set just this February in London, England, but there were a mere 99 Romulans, Bajorans and Mugatu gathered in one place — so given a spurt of enthusiasm, setting a new record seems within grasp. Also, you might think it is a simple thing, but there ARE rules, which are as follows: #1 All participants must be wearing costumes representing characters from the Star Trek universe and extended canon.

…We’d dearly love to see this event unfold in all its natural majesty and beauty, and also to note how Next Gen costumes are faring in the Star Trek popularity race; adherents of the Rick Berman Trek-i-verse seems to have been steadily dwindling away, but that’s definitely an outsiders opinion.

Free Comic Book Day Events

“We are also lucky to have a huge number of returning guests to this year’s Free Comic Book Day,” Munn continued, ” With members of the 501st LEGION of STAR WARS RECREATIONISTS, phenomenal SKETCH ARTIST JESSE MUNOZ, the folks from the LAKEWOOD REGAL CINEMAS will be on hand to give out FREE POSTERS, comic book fans dressed up as a myriad of characters, including BLACK CAT, OUR COSTUME CONTEST a chance to meet some of Tacoma’s Own Phenomenal Rollergirls, THE DOCKYARD DERBY DAMES and MORE!

…To celebrate the release of its widely anticipated Free Comic Book Day flip book featuring fan-favorite properties Mouse Guard and Fraggle Rock™, Archaia is excited to announce RED FRAGGLE will make a live appearance on Free Comic Book Day (May 1, 2010) at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, Calif.

…FREE COMIC BOOKS DAY – BUYING & SELLING – Plus FREE APPRAISALS!!!WHEN: SATURDAY, MAY 1st from 10:00AM to 5:00PM WHERE: Phoenix Comics, 4 Gray Rock Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583 Joel Rosenberg, founder and owner of longtime Westchester institution, Phoenix Comics in Scarsdale, welcomes Joseph (The Avalanche of Wonder) Koch and Michael (Big Apple Conventions) Carbonaro to celebrate “Free Comics Day” with an unprecedented buying and selling extravaganza!

…Along with the free books and sketches, each location will be raffling off special prizes such as year long subscriptions to some of the most popular comics on the market today, autographed books, statues and toys plus there will be a “scavenger hunt” that will encourage people to visit all three locations for a chance to win a huge prize!