Harvey Awards nominations close this Friday — hurry up and nominate your friends

Nominations for the Harvey Awards are closing this Friday. With all the nominating irregularities in recent years, I strongly advise getting together a few friends and nominating yourselves, as long as your friends include Naoki Urasawa, Jaime Hernandez, Kate Beaton, Matt Fraction, Jill Thompson, Robert Crumb, Bryan Lee O’Malley and so on. I’m dead serious. […]

Eisner Awards online voting opens

Via Jackie Estrada, online voting for the annual Eisner Awards has opened. If you voted last year, your login from last year should still work. If you have forgotten your password, click Sign In, then Recover Lost Password. There are 29 categories in all, so be sure to visit all five ballot pages. You do […]

Strand Bag contest winners

Peggy Burns has the results of the Strand bookstores design-a-tote contest; this is the SECOND place bag from rising star Domitille Collardey; the winning bag was by Zak Foster. BONUS BONUS: A new Strand bag by Daniel Clowes.

Art Attack: Jaime Hernandez in the Village Voice -UPDATED

The Village Voice has a big cover story on Jaime Hernandez: While Hernandez’s L&R women have often been lookers, over the past 29 years he has aged them beyond youthful pulchritude into emotionally believable adults, starting with the booty-ful Margarita Luisa Chascarrillo and that lithest of live wires, Esperanza Leticia Glass. More commonly known as […]