It’s Good To Be The Dream King – Part One

I have been writing these in chronological order, but from now on I’m going to channel Lost by doing a flash forward, a flash sideways, a flashback or maybe even a flash dance – whatever suits me. By their sheer brilliance The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and Maus all pushed the potential and the acceptance […]

RIP: Carl Macek (1951-2010) | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation

Carl Macek, a pioneer of bringing anime to America, died of a heart attack on Saturday, April 17th. He was 58. Jerry Beck, who founded Streamline Pictures with Macek in 1988, has his thoughts here, and the conversation is ongoing in the comments. It was Macek who put together three Japanese cartoons — Macross, Southern […]

C2E2 I: The wrap-up

[Photo via Mekanicat’s flickr set.] Incredibly, The Beat is on the move AGAIN. While we’re in transit back to base, a few quick thoughts on C2E2, based on dozens of conversations with publisher, creators, and attendees. • It was a good first-time show. This was repeated over and over by just about everyone we spoke […]

Video watch: Tim Gunn looks at superhero cotumes