DC Month-to-Month Sales — January 2010

by Marc-Oliver Frisch The sky is falling, in case you hadn’t heard. Well, the ceiling in the direct market seems to be, at any rate, although DC seems less affected by that right now than Marvel. DC starts the new year with numbers that aren’t stellar, but then again, they rarely are in January. And […]

Wood limericks via Barta

Artist Hilary Barta has a blog, on which he posts art and writes limericks. This time out, a Wally Wood cover from a 1959 issue of Galaxy magazine. The robot was counting the deckIts memory banks were hi-techIt won ev’ry chipand left me with zipWould it take a personal check?

Journey into Mystery

We’re on the road today with no reliable internet access, so no posting on all the exciting news, like Rob Liefeld’s exclusive comics for Comixology and so on. BUT we will have the DC Month to Month sales along shortly and that should keep you busy for a while.