DETECTIVE #27 goes for OVER $1 million

Rich Johnston has the exclusive news that this week’s record comics sale of $1 million for an issue of ACTION #1 has already been broken by a copy of DETECTIVE #27 which sold for $1,075,500. That issue, of course, reprints  presents the first appearance of Batman. The Caped Crusader is topping the Man of Steel […]

Image appears exclusively at ComicsPRO

With convention season revving up, retailer meeting season is also gathering steam. First up: the annual ComicsPRO meeting, this year in Memphis, TN, on March 24-27th. ComicsPRO is a trade organization for comic book retailers. This year, it was just announced, Image Comics will be making its only retailer show appearance at ComicsPRO with a […]

DC Lantern Ring to take up 9th finger

A new retailer incentive ring, this one the elusive White Lantern, and this one lights up. “Lighty, brighty” — Rich J., you are really on to something!

Comics Watch: The Year of the Rat

Caeyetano Garza writes to say that his Ignatz Award-winning webcomic The Year of the Rat is now available in book format. It’s a surreal comics adventure. This volume collects Books I and II of the Ignatz Award winning series YEAR OF THE RAT which originally ran between 2008 and 2010 on One morning, as […]