Fight! Don Murphy vs Kevin O’Neill

In the Kevin O’Neill interview we linked to earlier, he made reference to the troubles surrounding LOEG: Black Dossier, which nearly didn’t get published by DC and arrived without a planned flexidisk due to legal concerns. According to O’Neill, even after the book had been vetted by DC’s lawyers, second thoughts arose: And then all […]

Wizard adds Nashville to tour

Another day, another press release — brings the Wizard/Shamus/Comic-Con slate to 12 shows. This time it’s a show in Nashville, TN, the new Nashville Comic Con Wizard World Convention, acquired from Marc Ballard’s Comic & Horror Festival . Ballard is also the owner of the Cincinnati show which recently joined the Wizard World Tour. Although […]

San Diego changes its tune: I just can’t quit you, Comic-Con

Yesterday’s San Diego Union-Tribune has a front page story by Lori Weisberg entitled Is Comic-Con really leaving San Diego?, and unlike virtually every other story about this that we’ve read and commented on here, this time the folks who run the city of San Diego’s convention and visitor’s bureau appear to have suddenly woken up […]

Old Comics alert: Atomic Surgery

Atomic Surgery is another one of those blogs which posts crazy old comics stories; we haven’t previously linked to it but a story called We Were 20th Century Cavemen! (1959) provides a fine opportunity to do so, and reminds us of a time when pages and pages of people in torn clothing fighting prehistoric creatures […]

Things to do in Brussels: Moomin exhibit

Comics historian and publisher Paul Gravett writes to alert us to a Belgian exhibit of art by Tove Jannson: Popularised around the world through comic strips, the Moomin series is above all a rich and sensitive body of comic strip work, created by Tove Jansson (1914-2001), an essential Finnish illustrator and author. Initially published as […]

Foreign MAD

On his blog, cartoonist Sam Henderson looks at some foreign editions of MAD Magazine. Some things do translate, and a finger is one of them.

Stan Lee is doing something…still

J.K. Parkin and Rich Johnston analyze a new mystery ad campaign for some Sta Lee project with a simple black “Stan’s back!’ motto. Jesus, how many projects can one 87-year-old man have? He’s been pacting with Archie, POW!, Marvel, Viz, and probably your cousin Mabel recently. In his investigation, Johnston goes so far as to […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/22/10

§ As is so often the case, we’ll kick this off with a Comics Comics link, Jeet Heer’s thought-provoking The Mid-Life Crisis of the Great Commercial Cartoonists Further to Dan’s excellent post on Wally Wood, one way to think about Wood’s career is to realize that he followed a pattern common to commercial comic book […]

Nepotism corner: The CHOKER Tour

We interrupt this blog for some hype, which we hope we will be forgiven for, just this once. For those of you who read this blog just to follow along with Future Mr. Beat, aka Ben McCool, this week kicks off the CHOKER Tour which he and Ben Templesmith will be embarking on, ranging over […]