Fight! Don Murphy vs Kevin O’Neill

In the Kevin O’Neill interview we linked to earlier, he made reference to the troubles surrounding LOEG: Black Dossier, which nearly didn’t get published by DC and arrived without a planned flexidisk due to legal concerns. According to O’Neill, even after the book had been vetted by DC’s lawyers, second thoughts arose: And then all […]

Wizard adds Nashville to tour

Another day, another press release — brings the Wizard/Shamus/Comic-Con slate to 12 shows. This time it’s a show in Nashville, TN, the new Nashville Comic Con Wizard World Convention, acquired from Marc Ballard’s Comic & Horror Festival . Ballard is also the owner of the Cincinnati show which recently joined the Wizard World Tour. Although […]

Old Comics alert: Atomic Surgery

Atomic Surgery is another one of those blogs which posts crazy old comics stories; we haven’t previously linked to it but a story called We Were 20th Century Cavemen! (1959) provides a fine opportunity to do so, and reminds us of a time when pages and pages of people in torn clothing fighting prehistoric creatures […]

Things to do in Brussels: Moomin exhibit

Comics historian and publisher Paul Gravett writes to alert us to a Belgian exhibit of art by Tove Jannson: Popularised around the world through comic strips, the Moomin series is above all a rich and sensitive body of comic strip work, created by Tove Jansson (1914-2001), an essential Finnish illustrator and author. Initially published as […]

Stan Lee is doing something…still

J.K. Parkin and Rich Johnston analyze a new mystery ad campaign for some Sta Lee project with a simple black “Stan’s back!’ motto. Jesus, how many projects can one 87-year-old man have? He’s been pacting with Archie, POW!, Marvel, Viz, and probably your cousin Mabel recently. In his investigation, Johnston goes so far as to […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/22/10

§ As is so often the case, we’ll kick this off with a Comics Comics link, Jeet Heer’s thought-provoking The Mid-Life Crisis of the Great Commercial Cartoonists Further to Dan’s excellent post on Wally Wood, one way to think about Wood’s career is to realize that he followed a pattern common to commercial comic book […]