2010 Glyph Awards nominees announced

Via PR, the nominees for the 2010 Glyph Awards, honoring the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color. Story of the Year Luke Cage Noir; Mike Benson & Adam Glass, writers; Shawn Martinbrough, artist The Original Johnson; Trevor von Eeden, writer and artist Unknown Soldier #13-14; Joshua Dysart, writer, Pat Masioni, […]

Toy Fair 2010 in photos

So we wandered around Toy Fair for a bit yesterday, but missed most of the big presentations. Lego had a very early morning event showing off TOY STORY 3 Legos; we missed Hasbro’s entirely, but made the Mattel event. According to a knowledgeable observer, Hasbro and Mattel are going in slightly different directions — Hasbro’s […]

Thought for the day

“We don’t live in a world of bookstores vs. the Direct Market. We live in a world of bookstores and the Direct Market and whatever else works. Everyone that matters knew this years ago.” —Tom Spurgeon

Happy Birthday, Ben McCool!

It’s been quite a week for Future Mr. Beat — first his first creator-owned comic book came out two weeks early — CHOKER #1 — but it turned out that the printer used the wrong ink and the comics came out looking as crinkly as a hairless cat. Image has recalled the errant copies and […]