Lots of BRIGHTEST DAY and Green Lantern news today on The Source. * Tony  Bedard will take over writing GREEN LANTERN CORPS which will star John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Green Lantern Ganthet. Ardian Syaf, a relative newcomer, will handle art chores on the first arc. That’s the cover to issue #48 above. * A […]

EXCLUSIVE: Jhonen Vasquez covers Sir Frontalot

Nerdcore rap pioneer MC Frontalot has teamed up with comics legend Jhonen Vasquez for his new album cover. Known for his dark classic comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and cartoon Invader Zim, Vasquez’s most prominent recent projects have been his collaborations with the band Mindless Self Indulgence,  although you can follow his mordant Twitter stream. […]

Brian Hibbs’ annual BookScan analysis

Okay, chart lovers: THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Retailer Brian Hibbs takes his annual peek at the BookScan chart so you don’t have to. BookScan, you’ll recall, is the Nielsen-run report on what sells in bookstores, so this is the closest we can get to actual “What did it sell” figures. You can download the […]

Christopher Handley sentenced to 6 months

Christopher Handley, the manga collector from Iowa who pled guilty to possessing child pornography, has been sentenced to six months in jail, followed by three years of supervised release and five years of probation. The case is notable because the material in question was manga which contained only drawn depictions of illegal acts. Anime News […]

Quick hits

§ Inkstuds interviews Jordan Crane and Sammy Harkham about their new website, What Things do. § IcV2 checks in on Marve’ls “Lanterns for Deadpool” program, where retailers sent in DC comics for Marvel credit, and David Gabriel says the response has been strong: Asked to quantify “overwhelming,” Gabriel was guarded. “Let’s just say we’ll be […]