Lost: Sayid shot first

One benefit of this column’s delay is, for once, a chance to read the legions of blogs and chats about the show before writing. So, in lieu of a running diary after the jump, some quick thoughts.

Tea Party protests unintended CAPTAIN AMERICA portrayal

Tempest in a teacup? or…a tea bag? The first we got wind of this was a story on the right-leaning Newsbusters site protesting the portrayal of the Tea Party movement in the latest issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA penned by Ed Brubaker. Sounds simple enough since Brubaker is not shy about airing his liberal views. But […]

SPIDEY 4 in 3-D!

Via PR, Spider-Man will be swinging in to the growing legion of films released in 3D. James Cameron, your work here is done. Spider-Man will swing into theaters worldwide in 3D beginning July 3, 2012, it was announced today by Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution. The new film which is […]

So what’s going on at DC Entertainment, anyway?

If there’s one topic occupying the water coolers and drink-ups of the comics industry these days, it’s “Just what the heck is going on at DC ComicsEntertainment? Where is the new publisher?” After investigating and talking to our most trusted sources, we’ve been able to come up with a fairly definitive answer: NOBODY KNOWS. Or […]

Jeff Robinov, the front stabber

The New York Times profiles president of production at Warners, Jeff Robinov, painting him as the heir apparent to Alan Horn as he finds new ways to do business at the studio. The piece looks at his recent takeover of DC’s operations: Driven by its need to replace Harry Potter, not to mention the continued […]

Wizard World Mars — the REAL story

Truth be told, the Wizard World Tour has come in for some “joshing” here at Stately Beat Manor in recent days, but now The Beat has to give them MAJOR props for having a good sense of humor AND better Photoshop skills than us. After our story on Wizard World Mars ran yesterday, this press […]



When Lynch met Lucas — animated!

Sasha Ceizata animates David Lynch’s account of his being offered the chance to direct RETURN OF THE JEDI, complete with headaches, crawling, and Wookies.

Squid report

Everyone once in a while we are wont to check in at the Gama-Go store to see what cool new designs we’ll be longing for, and being the squid-lovers that we are, this cephalopod assault on one of freedom’s greatest symbols just shot to the top of the shopping list. Too bad it’s for guys! […]

Let it snow, let it sn–

We were gonna do a tribute to icy precipitation, but instead we’ll just direct you to the one the Cool Kidz did.