Happy 50th Birthday, Grant Morrison

Thanks for blowing our minds all these years.

Frank Miller is tweeting and posting art

While some wondered if @frankmillerink was the real deal, today he banished all doubt by posting a new cover for THE BIG FAT KILL. In his next tweet he hinted: ps. DINOSAUR is coming next week. Frank Miller rides again!

For now, the iPad rolls over and goes to sleep

Whether you’re basking in the afterglow or fretting unfulfilled, the tumultuous excitement of the iPad announcement has come…and gone. The reactions seem evenly mixed between the rapture and the crapture, with tech site grumbles loud and clear. Annalee Newitz at io9 has a well thought out complaint: The iPad promises to be just as revolutionary […]

The ideaspace loves MONKEYS

Do Marvel and DC really copy each other? It’s been noted that they seem to have a lot of ideas in common these days — Cap and Bats having similar seeming deaths and resurrections, similar zombie focused events followed by the dawning of new “lighty brighty” movements — Brightest Day and the Heroic Age. But […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/29/2010

The announcement of BOOM!’s Samuel L. Jackson-penned comic, COLD SPACE, prompts Don MacPherson to point out that celebri-comics have a spotty track record: Rapper and Transformers star Tyrese Gibson was noted for his public lament over a lack of retailer support for his Mayhem comic from Image last year. Stephen Baldwin barely made a splash […]

Movin’ on up

WOW. Thanks for all the support in the comments, on Twitter and via email on the announced move. I was truly overwhelmed and touched and having the support of so many amazing people — and loyal readers — means the world to me. It really makes all the work worth in. Understandably, I hope, I’m […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Beat to leave Publishers Weekly

It’s been a great 3 1/2 (!) year run here at Publishers Weekly, but all good things must end, and in the very near future, The Beat will be moving to its own website: www.comicsbeat.com. PREPARE TO BOOKMARK! The move is a combination of many things, but mainly the fact that PW is focusing on […]

Geeks prefer to read about themselves on the Internet

The proliferation of nerd-centric blogs on the internet continues. GeekWeek launched not ago, a sort of Huffington Post for topics ranging from nerd news to music to sports. It’s spearheaded by Jeff Katz of American Originals with many other contributors. Mediaite, Dan Abram’s media site has just launched Geekosystem, another geek-o-centric blog with such pieces […]

RIP J.D. Salinger

The great author and recluse J.D Salinger has died at age 91. Author of The Catcher in the Rye, Franny and Zooey and Nine Stories, he was revered by would-be Zen Buddhists everywhere.

The iPad is here….now what?

Are we living in the Jetsons or a Cormac McCarthy novel? Will the iPad take us to a world where readers pay for content…or is it yet another false prophet leading the way to a bleak wasteland with poor 3G coverage? To no one’s surprise, reaction pieces seem to be the main subject of the […]

News and notes

§ The Angoulême comics festival — the greatest comics event in the world — is kicking off — English-speaking guests include Joe Sacco, Ivan Brunetti and Dash Shaw — and Bart Beaty has a preview of all the events which will have you jumping on the next plane to attend. His rundown gives some idea […]

RIP: Howard Zinn

Leftist author, teacher and activist Howard Zinn passed away yesterday at age 87. His bestseller, A People’s History of the United States, was a ground level view of American history that focused on the lives of workers and dissidents while criticizing the usual heroes such as presidents. Although this would normally little concern a comics […]

Our Previews picks

The best stuff we found in this month’s Previews: from Antarctic Press From DC and Amanda Conner. KITTY!

It’s the iPad — updated with PRICE

Blow by blow at Engadget Media is saved! Here ya go! Update: John Jackson Miller crunches numbers on subscriptions, which is how the iPad might have some impact on comics. BONUS: It turns out MAD-TV made an ad for the iPad three years ago! [Thanks to Mark for the link.]

Business news round-up: Borders, WCP, etc., etc.

§ National bookstore chain Borders is getting shakier and shakier, and yesterday’s news that CEO Ron Marshall was ankling the joint did nothing to cheer anyone up. Borders, which has been under a cloud of speculation about its long-term financial stability, has struggled to improve sales in a difficult market for book retailing. It has […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/27/10

§ The Bridgewater PBA Local 174 is having a benefit art auction, organized by police officer and sometime comics writer Chris White. The all-star contributing lineup includes EVERYONE from Erik Larsen to Travis Charest to David Petersen. Check out all the art here. Abovem Dick Tracy by Joe Staton. [Via] § Fantagraphics seeks a publicity […]