Spotlight on: Putting things that explode near your junk

With underpants bombs making headline everywhere, a look at similar comics themes of groinal aggression have hit a few blogs. Comics Alliance examines a Punisher action figure from Toy Biz who is so glad to see you, he’s going to blow you to kingdom come with a giant ground to air missile launcher emerging from […]

io9 cover gallery

Graeme McMillan rounds up 100 Amazing Comic Covers From The Last Ten Years. Was this the Greatest Decade in Comics History or not?

RIP David Levine

Illustrator David Levine has passed away at age 83. In addition to being one of the most iconic illustrators of his era — his caricatures defined the New York Review of Books for decades — he was also the subject of Fantagraphics’ AMERCAN PRESIDENTS. Mr. Levine’s drawings never seemed whimsical, like those of Al Hirschfeld. […]

End of [something] links and so on

§ Not-end-of-[something]: Congrats to Jason Lutes and family on the recent arrival of Maximilian Pepper Warren-Lutes. • Long pieces suitable for free-time reading: Abhay Khosla uses Blue Beetle as a launching point for…something. • Jog’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival musings, transcribings, and dialogs. § Brigid Alverson looks at The year in manga, which was […]

Captain Don Draper?

Star Trek: The Mad Generation via Derek Kirk Kim. This could sum up either the ’00s, the ’80s, the ’60s, or the 24th century.