Welcome to the Brokeback Pose

While going around the internet over just the last 24 hours, the following images turned up, all fine examples of the “Brokeback” aka “Show your ass AND your tits” pose, which all male fantasy comics women are required to master. We know artists have a hard time mastering this anatomy-defying pose, since unless you are […]

Meanwhile, in sports cards….

While comics and trading cards were once joined at the hip in the Speculatory Era as twin collectibles, the trading card industry has faded over the years into more of a pure hobby and less of a game for flashy high rollers. Since we hadn’t been keeping up, we were a bit surprised to come […]

Thought for the day

“I think when you get to the last page of the story, it was kind of a mission statement for where I wanted to go from here,” Vaughan explained, “which is that it’s perfectly fine to love the characters that we grow up with, and that there’s nothing wrong with keeping them alive and breathing […]

Angoulême — probably still going on

Reports are still sketchy on just what the heck is going on with January’s Angoulême comics festival, with threats and counter threats flying. Over at The Comics Reporter, Bart Beaty continues to peg the ongoing flapdoodle over who will pay for big tents as so much posturing on the part of two officials, who want […]

Sgt. Rock going to the future!

Because contemporary audiences have gotten way too much of World War II, the long-aborning Sgt. Rock movie is getting a boot to the future. Francis Lawrence (I AM LEGEND, CONSTANTINE) is set to direct. Until now, “Rock” has retained its World War II setting, with Silver and the studio trying to make a big-budget action […]

Baby news, comings and goings

§ Congrats to Ron Perazza, VP of Creative Services at DC, and Linda Lee, Director, Book Publishing at Nickelodeon, on the birth of Hudson Lee Perazza. § All-around good guy Kiel Phegley has been named News Editor of Comic Book Resources. As for what that means, well…I’m still trying to figure that out. I’ve been […]

Let’s get started with Dick Briefer

Doug Gray posts a vintage Frankenstein story by Dick Briefer: “The Return of the Mummy”, with commentary, even: This story, The Return of the Mummy, really highlights some great cartooning. The composition in each panel is nice and clean: the characters are nicely posed, there is no clutter and very few tangents. The information in […]