Big Apple/Con Wars wrap-up

So, for everyone who asked us, this weekend’s Big Apple Comic-Con at Pier 94 in Manhattan drew a big crowd, and was a well-run show. Wizard’s conventions have always been well run, professional events, and this was no different, with lots of signage to guide people around the somewhat rambling and stark venue. From what […]

This is the APE that was

Some links and news from APE, the Alternative Press Expo, held this weekend in San Francisco. • Will Dinski’s COVERED IN CONFUSION won the Isotope Award for Minicomics, as reported by JK Parkin at Robot 6. § Parkin also has a Day 1 report. § Fantagraphics photos: Day 1 pics Day 2 pics § NPC […]

Where the Box Office Is

By Mark Coale There was plenty of talk last week about what kind of success WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE would have this weekend at the box office. Well, it caused quite the rumpus, taking in almost $33 million and easily winning the week. From the point-of-view of someone without children who didn’t go through […]

What’s it REALLY like to be a blogger???

As we continuously hyped, we were on a panel at the Royal Flush Festival on Saturday about blogging, along with celebrity news blogger Michael K. and film bloggers Brandon Harris and Brandon Kim . The panel was moderated by legendary punk cartoonist John Hölmstrom, which was cool in itself. We are always happy to compare […]

R. Crumb biblical fiesta grips nation

With his long awaited GENESIS adaptation finally hitting shelves, somewhat reclusive cartoonist R. Crumb is having a, for him, orgy of publicity. First and perhaps most excitingly, a show of his art is up this month at the Hammer Museum in LA: The UCLA talk is presented in conjunction with the exhibition “The Bible Illuminated: […]

Is the world ready for Akiva Goldsman rehab?

Geoff Boucher at the LA Times does a good job convincing people that screenwriter/director/producer Akiva Goldsman, given his other, more recent achievements, should be forgiven for writing the script to BATMAN & ROBIN — a movie so wretched it singlehandedly made Hollywood realize that if they kept making superhero movies this bad, the planet would […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 10/19/09

§ One great cartoonist analyzes another, as Eddie Campbell looks at Rutu Modan’s EXIT WOUNDS… In Exit Wounds Rutu Modan gives me something that’s getting harder to find in my ‘graphic novel’ reading. That is, she’s telling me something I don’t already know. It’s set in an actual place I’ve never been to, and the […]

21 Days of Halloween: Skottie Young

For our 21 days of Halloween celebration, Stephen Gettis reminded us of his Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!! blog in which cartoonists imagine famous authors and works of lit. Mucho Halloween appropriate art there, including stuff by Bissette, Mignola/Zulli (who both did Dracula) and Eric Powell (Jabberwocky), and a fair share of Lovecrafts, Poes, […]