This weekend to do: Neufeld in NOLA

Just as a reminder, this weekend Josh Neufeld has three stops in New Orleans to promote the release of A.D.: NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE: Friday, August 21: A.D. hits New Orleans. Release party with Josh and some of the book’s subjects, live and in person! Plus an art show, music, and refreshments. The Canary […]

Tonight to do: Azzarello at Challengers Comics + Conversation

Although the times on the flyer are wrong, tonight Brian Azzarello will be appearing at Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago. The correct info is: Its not just a signing; its a PARTY!  To celebrate the release of the brand new Vertigo Crime original graphic novel “FILTHY RICH” we’re throwing a party!  From 6:00pm to […]

Robot 6 does Comics 101

Can you believe that none of the marquee comics blogs have a feature called Comics 101? That was low-hanging fruit. Over at Robot 6, Chris Mautner remedies that, inaugurating the new feature with a look at Los Bros Hernandez: In the early 1980s, Love and Rockets was one of the seminal titles, along with books […]

White man’s burden: Mr. James

Huffington Post’s Disgrasian picks up on Mr. James, the mascot for a new ad campaign for McDonald’s in Japan, which features an awkward white man in unflattering, ill-fitting clothes (rumpled pleat-front khakis) hawking four new sandwiches via practicing Japanese phrases with a horrible accent. Since American adverts are full of ethnic stereotypes of awkward, heavily […]

Much bigger Moby Dick

Only yesterday, we were wishing for a larger version of Tony Millionaire’s definitive drawing of the eye of Moby Dick for the cover of the new Penguin Classics edition. Today, we figured out how to get bigger art all by ourselves! If that isn’t the most malevolent and relentless drawing of a white whale’s eye […]

A world o’ clicks

Things have kinda piled up in the old link bin, so we’re just shoveling them out: § A brief report on how the Brooklyn Library handles the racially insensitive material in Tintin in the Congo — they keep the book off the shelf and available by appointment only. § For your Marvel history buffs, Scott […]