Although the times on the flyer are wrong, tonight Brian Azzarello will be appearing at Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago. The correct info is:

Its not just a signing; its a PARTY!  To celebrate the release of the brand new Vertigo Crime original graphic novel “FILTHY RICH” we’re throwing a party!  From 6:00pm to 8:00pm BRIAN AZZARELLO will be signing copies of that very book as well as any of his other work. At 8:00pm the pen goes away and the drinks come out.

Co-owner Patrick Brower also writes:

CHALLENGERS Comics + Conversation is a comic book store.  Not a “pop culture” store.  Not a “cards and comics” store.  Not a “collectibles” store.  A comic book store.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Started in March 2008 by Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush, Challengers Comics + Conversation strives to live up to its name by not just providing a solid selection of comics to Chicago, but by providing a little bit of conversation as well.  Whether that’s info on the current Avengers storyline, where you should go after finishing Watchmen, or if Frank Miller’s still got it, we’re here to not only sell comics, but talk comics.  In person or thru our socially interactive website,


  1. Pat forgot to mention that he and Dal have, combined, jeez… might even be close to 50 years in the business of selling comics. And a lot of that was together. They make a great team. One is chocolate, one is peanut butter. But I’m not sure which. Or maybe Dal can be Pocky and Pat can be sushi?