This Might Melt the Internet

Megan Fox is thinking about dressing as Slave Girl Leia at Comic-Con. San Diego might explode.

Larry Hama to receive inaugural Kiyama Award

If you ask us, there is not a person more deserving of an award than Larry Hama. Also, dig into the press release for a bold historical claim. The organizers of the First Annual Asian American ComiCon (AACC), a celebration of the unique contemporary role and historical legacy of Asians and Asian Americans in the […]

San Diego Comic-Con for the rest of them

Writer Shawna Benson has a Guide to San Diego in two parts that is quite sensible…as in this from Part One: Pen and paper. Yes, I know — you have a smartphone, you can jot down notes or phone numbers or what have you on that…ah, but what if you run into Stan Lee in […]

More on New Eisner Locale

Last week, we noted that the Eisner Awards were moving to a new venue, and how here’s some PR from Jackie Estrada with more info and a picture…hm, where WILL we find that power outlet? The ceremony for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards has a new home for 2009: The Indigo Room at the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 6/23/09

§ Do Anything, the new Warren Ellis column for Bleeding Cool, connects some dots: Jack Kirby didn’t get to be an intellectual. That’s a label others stick on you. When Jack told Will Eisner, as recorded in Eisner’s book SHOP TALK, of the time in his career when he “began to intellectualise,” you can almost […]

Shamus launches FunFare

One of the Wizard-related announcements at WWPh was the debut of FunFare, a new magazine which is owned by Wizard publisher Gareb Shamus but published via Wizard. You can read the PR in the jump but it will be a kind of family service magazine, with product reviews and recommendations, especially toys. The concept spins […]

BOOM! gets Disney, Archaia gets Henson

It looks like kids’ comics licenses are the new hot thing, as two new licenses were revealed yesterday: BOOM! Studios will be picking up the Disney Comics license formerly at Gemstone, and Archaia has just signed a pact with the Henson Company. § Disney first. As revealed by the online September previews, BOOM! will publish […]

New Female Force star: Barbara Walters

Are we giving these folks too much publicity by posting these ongoing covers? Or is it just fun for everyone?

The Beat has a new enemy

Re our discussion yesterday of GHOSTBUSTERS 2, which The Beat found disappointing, punk rock band Art Brut frontman and comics fan Eddie Argos is apparently among those who watched GHOSTBUSTERS on Sunday, and had this to Tweet: If you don’t like Ghostbusters 2, I don’t like you. Unless your my girlfriend. In which case I’ll […]