Must read: The Summit of the Gods Vol 1

Wow, here is a book we can’t wait to get our hands on, the story of early Everest explorer George Mallory by Yumemakura Baku and Jiro Taniguchi. The very real mystery of Mallory — last seen alive in 1924 nearing the summit of Everest, his frozen corpse discovered 70 years later minus the camera that […]

David Glanzer on San Diego’s sellout

Today is the day that the San Diego gate swings shut. Four-day and single-day tickets are sold out. Pro registration closed on May 5. And today, June 8th, is the last day that press can register to attend. With the size of the existing San Diego Convention Center placing a physical limit on how many […]

MoCCA memories

We’re still trying to collate our own thoughts of MoCCA ’09 — despite the problems, it was a GREAT SHOW — but others got there first and have reflected our own thoughts. A few early links: § Marion Vitus’s Flickr stream contains much that makes MoCCA the special time it is, from the “Drink and […]

Links of note

§ El Santo responds to Brigid Alverson’s 8-page rule: But most webcomics aren’t limited by Zuda’s hard-coded (and unwieldy) Flash-based Zuda browser. Hence, more often than not readers are introduced to elements that happen further on down the story. I personally was introduced to my favorites, — Gunnerkrigg Court, Scary Go Round, and Octopus Pie […]