Evelyn Dubocq at Viz is sending out the following statement regarding SHOJO BEAT, confirming that it is ending with the July 2009 issue. Yes, the final issue of Shojo Beat magazine will be the July 2009 issue which is on newsstands June 16th. We are very proud of the past issues of Shojo Beat magazine […]

Will WOLVERINE even help comics sales?

Looking at the previous item, we’re sure that comics retailers are planning the day when the THOR movie’s opening will send civilians streaming into their stores looking for Thor comics…or not. Marvel puts surprisingly little emphasis on converting movie ticket sales to graphic novel sales, and when they do, it seems to backfire with some […]

Thor gets his Loki

Well, no sooner is Thor cast, than he’s got a nemesis! Little known in America Tom Hiddleston will assay the part of the trickster god. Hiddleston is a well regarded thespian whose work is, reportedly, admired by THOR director Kenneth Branagh,

Business Briefs: SHOJO BEAT ending?

A lot of sources today are picking up a distributor’s note that Viz’s SHOJO BEAT is ending publication in July. Anime News Networkrounds up supporting evidence: Viz Media’s Shojo Beat magazine is no longer accepting subscriptions over the phone or online, and one of its distributors, Alini Magazine Services, reports that the magazine “is ceasing […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 5/19/09

A series of recent interviews: § At Robot 6, Tim O’Shea talks to Brian Cronin, whose book version of his popular Comic Book Urban Legends series just came out: Cronin: Compiling the book probably took a bit longer than actually writing it, since it had to be a 50/50 split of new legends and old […]

Summer is Icumen In!

Hey there! We’re back and ready for more action! In fact, we’re ready for, possibly, MORE ACTION THAN EVER BEFORE! That’s how rested up we feel. Roawwwwr! Look out world! If all goes as planned, we’ll be rolling out some exciting new features here at Stately Beat Manor™ over the next few weeks…and if it […]