Today’s pet peeve

What is it with the comic book reviewers who include this in their reviews? This review was based on a complimentary copy provided by the publisher. I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of ethical high ground thing, but, ironically, it makes the reviewer look like a complete amateur. Because the way the world […]

Angoulême dispatches

The Angoulême International Comics Festival, the biggest most amazing comics-themed gathering of the year, is well underway in France, and if a bomb was dropped on this small French town, no one would be left to amaze us. You can keep up to speed with the English language version of the fest’s website. It’s being […]

WATCHMEN update: posters, pictures, song

The final WATCHMEN poster has been released. Ooooooh. Empire has released new character portraits. Aaaahhhhhh. The New Frontiersman has a Flickr set with all kinds of viral material on the original Minutemen, the ’50s superhero team. Oooooooooh! Above, Dr. Manhattan comes to Vietnam. I wonder if they offered him some instant coffee? The My Chemical […]

Legal Danger: Lead laws threaten children’s products

Evan Dorkin rounds up the potential dangers of too-literal readings of recent laws aimed at testing lead levels in children’s toys: Anyway — said impact will be nothing short of devastating for many small businesses, home-crafters, DIY-ers, toy manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, re-sellers, used clothing shops, thrift shops, and so on and so forth. And also, […]

Legal Danger: Comics in Britain!

Comics fans fear that two new British anti-pornography laws ‘could make comic books illegal’. The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act would make possessing “extreme pornography” – defined as any “extreme image” produced “solely or principally for the purpose of sexual arousal” – illegal. Oddly: Films given an official classification are exempt from the new law, […]

A little bit on PLUTO

Over at Comics Worth Reading, Ed Sizemore reviews PLUTO: URASAWA x TEZUKA, Volume 1, the mash-up reimagining of Astro Boy by Naoki Urasawa, master of the psychological thriller. PLUTO is the first great comic we’ve read in 2009, and if you find the idea of Astro Boy cloying, don’t worry. Imagine David Fincher remaking Pinocchio […]

New York Comic-Con planning — announcements wanted!

Publishers, artists, party planners — send us your info! We’ll be covering New York Comic-Con (Feb 6-8 at the Javits in NYC) all next week, but in the run-up to war, we’ll be previewing booth plans, guests, and surprises. And parties…don’t forget the parties. Email us at the usual place…and if you put NYCC somewhere […]