2009 Ignatz Award winners

New host Liz Baillie charmed the audience with haiku, and happy winners danced with their bricks through the legendary chocolate fountain* at the always festive Ignatz Award ceremony. Winners below:

Outstanding New Talent: Colleen Frakes for Woman King.
Outstanding Online Comic: Cayetano Garza for Year of the Rat.
Outstanding Mini-Comic: by Lisa Hanawalt for Stay Away From Other People
Outstanding Series: Jordan Crane for Uptight
Outstanding Story: Damian Jay for Willie
Outstanding Graphic Novel: Chris Ware for Acme Novelty Library 19
Outstanding Comic: Jordan Crane for Uptight 3
Outstanding Anthology: Kramers Ergot 7
Outstanding Artist: Nate Powell for Swallow Me Whole

List courtesy Daily Cross Hatch, taken from our own Twitter feed. DCH has video of the ceremony as well.

* Figure of speech only; no bricks were thrown, tossed or cavorted with.

The annual post-Ignatz Karaoke Karavan was canceled when it was discovered that the venue was closed — and had been for some time. A torrential rain kept off-site excursions to a minimum, but hotel hijinks went on into the small hours.


  1. Was the poster recovered?


  1. […] The Ignatz Awards were announced.  Congratulations to Jordan Crane, Nate Powell, and for the Kramers Argot, which is sitting on my To-Read list.  Brian Heater at the Daily Cross Hatch has video of the ceremonies. […]

  2. […] A’ course, one of the highlights of SPX would be the Ignatz Awards, and Fleen congratulates all of the winners, but particularly Cat Garza for his Outstanding Online Comic, Year of the Rat. Video here if you like, but it appears that there was no gorilla — I’m not sure that I can ever love the Ignatz Awards again without a guy in a gorilla suit ! […]

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